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LISA TAYLOR, artist, a California transplant and Bohemian hippie-at-heart. Her new boutique BOHÈME is center stage for shopping at the exciting new Iron District in North Kansas City. BOHÈME seeks to awaken, inspire, and support the artistic spirit by offering unique finds by local artists and designers that create eco-friendly art. Good for body, mind, and planet! 

Inspired by her love for wine, and her time as a volunteer at her hometown drop-off recycling program, first, Lisa’s dream for the Boho Candle Company was born. “I just hated to see all of the leftover beautiful bottles go to waste. So, I began cutting the bottles on a wet saw, filling them with soy wax, hemp wicks, and yummy smelling fragrance oil. By purchasing one of my candles, you not only take home a sweet-smelling treat; you also give a little love to mother earth by reducing the amount of glass waste put into the environment.” 

Besides candles, Lisa does custom pours to create original work for clients from their ceramic or glass containers like an anniversary bottle of wine, or a special unique find. Add to that, a variety of eco-art glass designs such as dream catchers, stain glass, and a variety of statement pieces both of her own making combined with other designers, and you have your new happy place to find both jewelry and eclectic abode decor.

Lisa, and her husband at the time, Zach, a mechanical contractor with expertise in commercial kitchens, along with Rachel Kennedy Cuevas began Iron District. Rachel had pitched the idea of a shipping container dining and shopping area to the city of NKC in 2017. When they were connected by an NKC board member because Zach owned the perfect corner lot, the rest became history...

Iron District is Kanas City’s part in the movement of re-using steel shipping containers as a sustainable building practice for engaging unique structures. This combined with the food truck genius and motivation of Rachel Kennedy Cuevas of Plantain District, creates a new home for micro retailers. That means diners can get great food-truck artisan taste from many vendors in one place with both indoor and outdoor seating, an outdoor live music stage for Friday nights, and unique shopping all in one place.

Iron District is located in North Kansas City just off Armor Road near the Buck O’Neal Bridge. True to Kansas City style, it’s easily spotted with its bright shipping containers and a variety of murals done by local artists.



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Lisa Nicholson Taylor

At BOHÈME, we are all about finding unique eco-art designs just right for your sense of style.